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  • 奇异的交响乐
    Strange Symphony


    “奇异的交响乐”为隐藏在手机万博登录吹制工艺及过程内部的故事和音乐创造了一个舞台。Philipp Weber改变了手机万博登录吹制工的主要工具:吹管,并且发明了一种新的工具来重塑手机万博登录吹制工匠与手机万博登录之间的关系。这种工具改变了材料处理的方式,使得工匠能够通过吹管上的不同气门塑造手机万博登录的内部形态。制作工具的改革催生了一种新的工作程式,即激发手机万博登录吹制工匠的即兴创作,并衍生了一场关于手机万博登录制作的奇异表演。




    A Strange Symhpony provides a stage for the drama and music hidden inside the craft of glassblowing. Philipp Weber altered the glassblowers main tool, the blowing pipe, and developed a new instrument to manipulate the relation between the glassblower and his material. This changed the approach towards the material enables the craftsman to shape the inner form of the glass using different valves on the pipe. The transformation of the tool stimulated a new working process and inspired the glassblower to improvise, provoking a performance of glass making.

    While watching Belgian glassblower Christophe Genard working, the blowing tool caught Weber’s attention. In the past 2000 years only minor alterations have been made to the 1.5m long steel pipe, with no effect to the material. ‘What would happen to the glass, if the function of this tool radically changed? How would Christophe adapt to a new pipe?,’ Weber asked himself. By manipulating the pipe the designer enabled the glassblower to influence on the inner shape of the glass.

    Through changing the tool Weber sensed a certain mystery in the craft of glassblowing. The rhythm and drama, which he saw hidden in the process of making glass, left a resonating impression on the designer. The pipe as a tool for glass production appeared to be like a musical instrument to him. He translated the mechanism of a trumpet into an application for blowing glass. Ultimately this resulted in the creation of a new ‘instrument’– an allegoric bond of craft and music–, inspiring Genard to ‘improvise’ the glass. Playing the valves, he would activate different air streams, shaping the glass from the inside. The transformation of the pipe into an instrument provoked a performance of glass making. A short-movie, several glass objects and the instrument itself communicate this dance with the fire..

    艺术家简介 About The Artist


    Philipp Weber


    Philipp Weber在2012年毕业于荷兰安荷芬设计学院。他的创作项目“奇怪的交响乐”获得了2013年DMY柏林设计节新秀奖和2015年巴伐利亚青年设计师国家奖,这是一个手机万博登录与音乐之间的寓言故事。他注重寻找产品制作过程中的情感品质,“当前工艺的重要意义是什么?”“人类与一种材质及其加工制作之间的关系有什么意义”等问题不断指引着他的创作方法。韦伯认为,在一个持续数字化的世界中,人们对“制作”的理解和欣赏正在逐渐流失。通过表现制造过程中的神秘价值,他为工艺技术和产品制作创造了新的前景。

    Philipp Weber graduated in 2012 from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In 2013 his project A Strange Symphony, an allegory between glass and music, won the “New Talent Award” of the Berlin Design Festival DMY, and in 2015 it was awarded with the Bavarian State Prize for Young Designers. Weber is in search of emotional qualities within production processes. Questions such as ‘Where lies the significance of craftsmanship today?’ and ‘What is the meaning of the human relation to a material and its processing?’ guide his approach. Weber believes that in an increasingly digitalized world the comprehension and appreciation for ‘the making’ is getting lost. By expressing arcane values in manufacture he poses new prospects on production processes and craftsmanship.