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  • Broken


    Original name: “Angel is Waiting”



    此作品 《天使在等待》作为青年女艺术家薛吕多年创作之集大成展“墨语凝器”(Fusion)中最为引人瞩目的作品之一,也因其独特的艺术表现力被上海手机万博登录博物馆纳入永久收藏希望与更多的观众分享。然而遗憾的是,二零一三年九月七日,上午十点三十分, 由于人为的破坏这件美好的艺术品遭到了部分损毁。


    “Angel is Waiting” is part of a major exhibition combining many years of work by young artist Shelly Xue, and is one of the exhibition’s most eye-catching pieces. Furthermore, due its unique artistic interpretation, it was incorporated into the permanent collection of the Shanghai Museum of Glass in the hope that it could be enjoyed by more members of the public. Unfortunately, however, at 2.30pm on September 7, 2013 ,part of this beautiful work of art was deliberately damaged by a member of the public.

    “Angel is Waiting” had been specially created by the artist to mark the birth of her daughter and from conception to completion took 2 years and 3 months to make. As such, the incident left the author with a deep sense of regret and sadness. The work was created using a special one-piece firing process, meaning that there is no way to repair the damage – leading to frustration and heartache on the part of both the artist and the museum. When deliberating whether or not to exhibit the piece, we ultimately decided to display in its damaged form. We hope that, in this way, it will serve as a warning to the public and ourselves. Furthermore, it will remind them that they are partaking in a cultural visit, and should respect and care for the artists’ works. This, we believe, will imbue Shelly’s piece of art with even deeper significance. It will also give the work a story that belongs to her, and will make it the bearer of part of the history of our young museum. Because of this, the artist has renamed the work “Broken”.

    艺术家简介 About The Artist


    Shelly Xue薛吕




    2004年留英的七年学习与工作经历,尤其是导师Keith Cummings教授的学术观点和谆谆教诲对薛吕的手机万博登录艺术创作与研究产生了极大的影响,因此她的手机万博登录艺术是受西方当代手机万博登录艺术创作实践的影响下产生的,然而,东方文化却始终是创作与审美的基点,灵感的源泉。

    “Glass is a material full of illusion and delusion. As clear as crystal, or as mild as jade – these are only small facets of its material property. People are fascinated by glass because of its ever-changing design.”

    One decade ago, a chance encounter left Shelly Xue deeply impressed by the huge possibilities of Contemporary Glass as an expressive medium. It became a mysterious dream in her mind to commit to glass art as a lifelong career. Today, glass is the air I breathe, the passion flowing in her blood, firmly and insistently.

    Her glass practice and research is strongly influenced by the seven years’ study and working experience in the UK since 2004, especially by the academic opinion of her Master and PhD supervisor Professor Keith Cummings. Consequently, her glass art emerges from the influences of Western education, yet remains rooted in Far Eastern philosophy – her own cultural background serving as a source of inspiration and aesthetic direction.