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    Shanghai Museum of Glass

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    上海手机万博登录博物馆于2011年建成开馆,曾被美国CNN旗下网站评选为中国最不容错过的三个博物馆之一。开馆以来,上海手机万博登录博物馆持续为公众呈现精彩纷呈的展览:从国内外学院派手机万博登录艺术展览,到古手机万博登录专题展览,再到KEEP IT GLASSY系列展览,以及从2015年开始启动,将手机万博登录与当代艺术进行跨界共融的“退火”系列展览……在上海手机万博登录博物馆,手机万博登录艺术与设计正跨越时间、空间和语言文化的藩篱,以各式跨型态的精彩面貌共享于众。

    During Shanghai’s transformation into the post-industrial era – the city which has a long developed glass manufacturing business took the lead in remodelling these old industrial buildings. The Shanghai Glassware Factory was turned into the Shanghai Museum of Glass, with many of its original remnants still visible. The revival demonstrates how art and culture can be fostered from old, and often forgotten industrial landscapes.

    Opened in 2011, the Shanghai Museum of Glass is listed as one of the three must-visit museums in China by a CNN-owned website. Shanghai Museum of Glass has presented impressive exhibitions over the past several years, from the academic glass art exhibition by domestic and international artists, the ancient glass themed exhibition, to Keep It Glassy series exhibition, and the cross-border “Annealing” series exhibition, started in 2015, fusing glass and contemporary art together mutually. In the Shanghai Museum of Glass, glass art and design crosses the border between time, space, culture and language, and is presented to the public audience in different cross-type forms.



    Under the principle of Creating and Sharing Museum Aesthetic New Life, the Shanghai Museum of Glass founded the brand new and multi-functional Shanghai Museum of Glass Park. Developed from glass art and the museum into a complex of diverse buildings, the Park interprets, complements, and exhibits the physical and spiritual dimensions of glass from different layers and perspectives. Through the medium of glass, it also seeks to discover and expand the possibilities of the city’s cultural life. By blending the art and design exhibitions in the museum and entertainment programs in the other areas, the Park will offer a most vibrant and enriching art life.



    Over the past 60 years, Shanghai has been through a massive transformation from its industrial age to today. The Shanghai Museum of Glass maintains the basic structure of the site’s existing factory, expressing its original details and creating a highly artistic and interactive space. To highlight the building’s previous function as a glass factory, there are several feature areas, including the Kaleidoscope Entrance, Corridor of History, and the House of Glass.

  • 假如没有热情,世界上任何伟大的事业都不会成功。这种热情,不仅是专注的坚持,是理性的选择,是拥有目标的充实,也是创造未来的信念,是理想主义者的乐观,更是穿越荆棘的动力,是赢得成功的内因。正是这种热情,才让我有实现做一个手机万博登录博物馆梦想的可能。

  • Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. This passion is intense perseverance; it is rational choice; it is the satisfaction of having a goal; it is the conviction that will create the future, is the optimism of idealism, is the motivation that enables one to transcend difficulties; it is the foundation on which success is won. It is this passion that enables us to realize the dream of opening a glass museum. 

    Zhang Lin
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